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Team Building Activities

Team Building Solutions

Maximize your team’s problem-solving and decision-making skills with a variety of physical and mental challenges. What better way is there to help everyone gain both, personal and team insights, through teamwork.

Team Building challenges are facilitated indoors at our location.

With dozens of activities in our vault, we can help you build a custom program that engages your team mentally and physically, while addressing your training needs. Our meeting facilitators work closely with you to define the goals of the meeting or event. Working with us to develop the day’s event, we incorporate interactive challenges to energize the group and provide a welcome break from sitting all day and talking on the phone.

“Off-site meetings generate enthusiasm and breaks up the
monotonous day to day grind of the typical office day.”

Our client’s satisfaction with the facilities, but also the energy and enthusiasm our staff brings to each event, is critical. It is our strong belief, that each participant will look back and remember what they learned and bring it back to the office.

Come prepared?

Through research and observation, we have found that group participants prefer to understand what type of activity they will be participating in. However, in today’s business environment, everyone must have the ability to adapt to their surroundings or job changes. It is your choice whether or not to give the team any information about the event ahead of time. The only thing that really needs to be communicated is what the suggested attire should be.

Meeting Supplies.

We can provide all supplies and equipment needed to lead your corporate team building event. From whiteboards, markers, field equipments, etc., we have what you need. If there are any special requests, please outline them during your initial consultation and we will try to accommodate each and every request.

Food & Beverage.

We offer a variety of food & beverage packages based upon your requirements. Our meeting planners work with you to define the needs of each group and deliver a turnkey service for your event.


Do you want to thrill your team with fun, exciting and unique team building experiences designed to build trust, confidence and teamwork while producing better communication, improved productivity and increased effectiveness?

Let Coastal Sports maximize your team’s problem solving and decision making skills with a variety of physical and mental challenges. With dozens of activities in our vault, your event will be custom designed with your results in mind.


Sports Teams

Players in any team sport must be on the same page to execute plays, play off of each others strengths and compensate for weaknesses. Building that team cohesion starts with trust that is cultivated by using team building activities. Allowing team members to connect in a casual environment, develops relationships and can boost player moral. A strong team works together towards one goal.

Our clients satisfaction with the facilities but also the energy and enthusiasm our staff brings to each event is critical. It is our strong believe that each participant will look back and remember what they learned and bring it back to the office or the field.


What can Coastal Sports offer?

Coastal Sports New Jersey has 2 spacious, fully equipped facilities with all the amenities to you’ll need to keep you and your guests comfortable (bathrooms, locker rooms, conference rooms, second floor seating, and more!

Trained event planners and party staff; comfortable, climate-controlled seating and guest areas for all; field-turf surfaces — perfect and comfortable for any sport or event; hardwood floors that are perfect for a DJ booth and dance floor, sports equipment for any game or activity.

We want to hear more about your company and what you are looking to do during your team building day.

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